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  • Do you buy childrens clothing?
    Yes we do! We purchase freshly washed, previously loved childrens clothing. We accept sizes preemie to youth size 16/18 that are in good condition and are current styles. We buy All seasons YEAR ROUND!
  • Do you buy items besides childrens clothing?
    Yes! We buy almost all items that are maternity and child related. Some examples of items that we are always looking for include: TOYS (working/batteries included, all pieces) PLAYPENS JOLLY JUMPERS HIGH CHAIRS LARGE CHILDRENS TOYS BABY CARRIERS BABY GATES EXERSAUCERS STROLLERS POTTYS BATH TUBS SWINGS BASSINETS CAR SEAT COVERS CRIB MOBILES BREAST PUMPS BED RAILS
  • Are there any items you do not accept?
  • How do I sell my previously loved items to you?
    When you are ready to sell your items please ensure clothing is freshly washed and any other items are wiped down and clean. Clothing should be laid out flat or folded in a bin or box and any ripped or stained items should be removed. If you have a clothing sets please tuck items together in a sleeve or pant leg so they are easily identifiable. Any toys or gear should be in working condition (Battery operated items should include working batteries) and include all parts. Once your items are ready to sell you can bring them down to Tots Treasure Trunk, no appointment needed! We recomend using the rooftop parking and parking near the Centre Court stairwell where an elevator is also available. We do have a cart available upon request if you have a large number of items to bring inside. Once you arrive at the store there will be a short drop off form that must be filled out. Please ensure you leave a valid phone number. All of your items will be labelled and placed in the back room for processing. Once we are done processing your order we will contact you at the number provided with our offers. We pay CASH or STORE CREDIT (30% more)for accepted items. This process typically takes 24 hours or less!
  • What if I just want to donate my items?
    We will happily accept donations that are in good condition!
  • Do I need an appointment?
    You can drop off items anytime, no appointment nessesary! We will asses your items as soon as possible and call you at the number you provide on your drop off form. Typically you can expect a call in 24 hours or less! If you need your items assesed promptly, feel free to call/message ahead and see what days are available for express assesment. Spots are limited and assesments will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • What happens with my items that you do not purchase?
    If you have items that we are unable to purchase we will have them ready to be picked up when you come for your payout. We ask that you pick up your items within 10 days of your drop off being completed. If items are not picked up promptly we may have to donate your items to make space. If you do not want to take your items back that we are unable to purchase we can donate them for you! We donate your unwanted items to organizations that are accepting items such as the Children's Haven or the YWCA.
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